'I am the one who first fell in love' - Hanan Tariq


Hanan Tariq revealed that she was the one who first impressed by her husband before they get to know each other.

The water of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has spilled over the top of the dam for the third time


It is said that Nile water has started flowing over the top of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam for the third time. Experts involved in the construction of the dam also expressed their happiness.


The metal works of water transmission that had to be installed in the dam were completed and the height of the middle part of the dam was six hundred meters above the sea level and it was possible to reach six hundred and eleven meters on the right side of the dam.


It is said that the Nile River, which was flowing at a height of five hundred meters above sea level three years ago, has flowed over the top of the dam for the third time today at a height of six hundred meters above sea level.


At present, the right and left sides of the dam are six hundred and forty-five meters above sea level, and the construction of civil works of the dam is 95 percent; Electromechanical works, fabrication and installation, 61 percent and metal work 73 percent, and the overall performance reached 83.3 percent.


The height of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is 145 meters from the ground and its length is 1.8 kilometers. The thickness of the main dam is 130 meters at the bottom of the dam. The top or the upper part of the dam will be 11 meters, the Ethiopian Electric Power has announced.



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