Hanan Tariq beautifully captured pictures


Hanan Tariq beautifully captured pictures 

Enterprises should use their workplaces properly by avoiding illegal activities.

  Mr. Jantarar Abai, Deputy Mayor and Head of the Office of Employment, Enterprise and Industry Development


The office is building different workplaces and transferring them to the users to ensure the employment opportunities of the citizens.


 Today, in Aqaqi Kaliti Sub-city, he has transferred by lot to users the workplaces that have not been serviced for various reasons, were occupied illegally and were previously transferred to users for 5 years.


As a result, 102 enterprises and 450 operators have benefited. Of this, 55% of users are women, university graduates, disabled and returnees are included in the lot.


 Mr. Jantarar Abay, Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa and Head of the Office of Employment, Enterprise and Industry Development, who was present at the forum, stated that as our city is home to many unemployed youths, the government is designing a strategy and providing various supports, including the construction and transfer of workplaces.


However, he said, the government cannot build and transfer jobs to all, so job seekers should be linked with different organizations and factories. Ato Jantarar Ayazewu also sent a message to the leaders of the sector to transfer the workplaces to the relevant users in a fair manner by saying that the lucky ones who have taken the workplaces should do it properly and refrain from illegal actions.


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