Etsehiwot Abebe surprised by Hanan Tariq


Artist Etsehiwot got a surprise from Hanan Tariq.

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Good news!
Here is the solution!

#Ethiopia We have come up with a solution to guide you in life's journey and support your efforts with results.

Solution Small financial institution SC in formation.
Our difference

Providing short-term credit services, encouraging savings, advising on various areas of investment.

Who founded it?
The founders of Memfehe Microfinance have extensive experience in business and investment and are organized by a coalition of scholars, investors and Ethiopians who have earned a good reputation and fame, and have made various organizations and organizations members.

Therefore, it not only provides financial support to borrowers, but also helps them to engage in areas that enable them to be successful by providing additional advice and support. It also facilitates joint investment opportunities.

What is the benefit of joining a solution?

Special benefits of being a founder (you will get 20 percent of the company's profits for three consecutive years).

???? Where and how to buy the shares?
You can find them at all Commercial Bank, Berhan Bank, Oromia Cooperative Bank, Dashen Bank, Abyssinia Bank and Awash Bank branches.

The price of one share is 1,000 Birr and the minimum amount of shares that a person can buy is 10.

Address: Addis Ababa, Sar Bet EGST Building 2nd Floor

For more information
0911213743 0962488546

???? Here is the solution for the hardworking!!!

  • Fikiru Tunne