Etsehiwot, Hanan on Selam Tesfaye Wedding


Etsehiwot, Hanan on Selam Tesfaye Wedding. Hanan and Etsehiwot are among the best friends of bride Selam Tesfaye. They dressed like a queen and they made the day more special to the attendee.

An actress who showed Ethiopia from her side!

(Alex Abraham)


I followed our shepherd very well! This is the actress that I have seen incredible performance by many standards! Her acting skills are close to the real world, without being covered by religion or culture, she is the best character! In fact, if we stop pretending and look around, Ethiopia is not represented by "Mama's kindness" but by this character to me! Her poverty, her iron strong motherly spirit, (motherhood is not only kindness to the family, it should also be honorable) wifehood (like the majority of strong Ethiopian wives from the closet, even if she is abused herself, she roams the square! ) Wenduko says she is a thief in public, but the leaders are wives like this! And the way she wakes up her husband when he is cold! Wake up! She will never be seen for me, her family is her life! Her family is her dream! Her pain and joy is her family! This is a true Ethiopian character! She showed Ethiopianness from Nebguru! When she started, she was alone when she finished, she didn't move from her position, she didn't mess with the passenger, she was alone! She really impressed me! As a character and her acting skills! Has she done any movies or dramas before? And what is her name? She really surprised me!!


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