Artist Hanan Tariq luxurious life style


Famous artist Hanan Tariq luxurious life style.

"Addis Ababa is ready to plant history!"


Tomorrow the Addis Ababa resident will go out to 'plant tomorrow today'.

The entire population of our city, who is the owner of patriotism that has crossed the ages, planted more than 4 million out of the 500 million saplings planted by Ethiopia.


The saplings we plant today are our food tomorrow, our shelter and our shield against air pollution.

On this historic day, government and private workers, non-governmental organization workers, religious institutions, teachers, businessmen, health professionals, students, security forces, women, our city's youth, investors, artists, sports families, media professionals, ambassadors, diplomats and in various professions. Tomorrow is a historic day for you citizens of our city to show our united arms to the whole world and what we can do when we work together. Tomorrow is the day when you will show this in practice as our capital is a demonstration of Ethiopia. Starting at 12 o'clock in the morning, a live report will be broadcast on the Mayor Office's Facebook page and new media, and at the listed docking points in your area. I respectfully invite you to leave your mark on this historic day by attending!


May the Creator bless Ethiopia and its people!


Mayor Adane Abebe

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