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Azademariam Yargal won


#Ethiopia Season 14 of Fana Lamrot's vocal talent competition, which saw a strong competition, ended with the victory of Azademariam Yaregal.


For the past 8 weeks, the contestants who have been competing with the judges and their own selections showed strong competition by presenting their music in 3 rounds with the star band in today's finals.


In the finals of chapter 14, which started at 6:00 p.m., the winner of the season 14 Azademariam Yaregal received 400 thousand birr, the runner-up Thugist Asmara received 300 thousand birr, the third runner-up Bi Deweh Biyedail, 200 thousand birr, and the fourth-placed Tissaae Seleseh received 100 thousand birr.


The CEO of Fana Broadcasting Corporation Mr. Admasu received the award and presented the award to the contestants.


In the eighth week of the chapter, Rachel Teresa, who was eliminated from the competition, won a prize of 50 thousand birr and was made to participate in the winner's competition in a special way.


Since the end of 2011, Fana Lamrot, who has made it possible for singers who have lost a platform to find a platform, continues to show new things regularly.


Fana Lamrot runs four seasons a year, including the winner of the winner, and each season lasts for nine weeks.


1st to 4th place finishers in three different chapters will face off in a winner-takes-all tournament. #FBC


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