Six techniques to get attention


Number 6: Radisson Blu Hotel

Located at the heart Addis Ababa, Eliana gives You All You need at one place. Itis one of the luxurious hotels IN the city. There Are a lot You can get IN a small area. Swimming pool, neat and safe rooms, delicious foods, and a night bar.

The hotel lower rooms Are used for comercial purpose. WhEre You can get cinema, shopping and cafeteria’s. The famous Kaldis coffee is right at the ground floor. Many people like the muffins, macchiato and coffee they make. They also provide pizza, burger and sambusa for snack.

Number 5: Capital Hotel and Spa

Capital hotel is also called a hotel for meeting. There are a lot of forums taking place in the hotel in a daily basis. The rooms provided by this wonderful spa hotel is wide enough to accommodate kitchen cabinet to make your own meals, sofa, and a big enough master bed.

If you like swimming there is a pool in the open air. Most of the time there are several meetings in the hotel which keeps it busier as they serve tea, snack and lunch for the attendants.

The food is both local or traditional as well as western. White or foreigners often visit this hotel to get some food even if they do not get room for their stay in the city. The hotel is one of those who gets highest attention during yearly African Union summits.

This hotel is located around haya hulet wuha limat (around water minister). One minute drive from saint Uriel church.

Number 4:Inter continental hotel

One of the first five star hotel in the capital city of Ethiopia. This hotel is few minutes drive from Bole International airport. The hotel consists both traditional and international customs. Amazingly there is a big swimming pool at the eleventh floor of this hotel building. You can also get a well equipped fitness center.

WIFI and land line local calls are free in this hotel. The food prepared by internationally recognized chefs makes you leak your finger even after you get full. You can find the hotel near Kazanchis in the city, which is next to Jupiter hotel.

Number 3: Elily International Hotel

This hotel is owned by Gemshu Beyene, a famous road and building contractor. As a matter of chance most elegant hotels are located in Kazanchis, the same is true for Elily hotel. It is a five star standard international hotel.

Number 2: Sheraton Addis

Sheraton is  brand of famous hotels in around the world. The compound is green, no tall buildings seen, but a luxurious rooms, meeting halls and dinning rooms. Libyas late president Muammar Gaddafi used to stay in this hotel in his visit for the African Union summit every year while he was on power and alive.

Big events such as new year eve music concerts takes place in this amazing compound for many years. You can be sure that with a relatively fair price you gonna enjoy world class service in this green compound hotel.

Number 1:Skylight Hotel

Newly built hotel by Ethiopian airlines aviation group. It is located just few meters from the Addis Ababa Bole International airport. Many events are takes placing in this new 5 star hotel since its opening by prime minister Abiy Ahmed.


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