Tarikus' friends left heart broken


Tariku Birhanu friends can't handle the heartbreak.

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"Reverend Belina is a father who has great love for the unity of Ethiopia and his country!" - Mayor Adanech Abebe


The cremation of Dr. Lina Sarka was held at Friendship Park.

Mayor Adanech Abebe, religious leaders and other officials were present at the vaccination program.


Mayor Adanech Abebe, who spoke at the vaccination program, said that they are the ones who sowed good seeds in the next generation, who taught them love, respect, and work during their time on earth.


Reverend Belina said that by living what he said in his life, it is possible to change by standing for the truth, and that it is necessary to pay the price for the truth.

 Even if it is a reproach to give names to those who are not, the truth will not change. We could see that he is a heroic father who taught us to stand for the truth and who has great love for the unity of Ethiopia.


Dr. Reverend Yonas Yeguzen, President of Ethiopian Evangelist Mekene Jesus, Reverend Belina, said that he is a good and good, perfect father, let us not refrain from doing good things.


The religious leaders who attended the program spoke about the fatherhood of Reverend Belinan, the development of their country, unity, and the role of reformation.


Reverend Belina Sarka was born in the year 1933 in Ge with the unique name of Wolaga.

Honorable Dr. Kees, who was named "Patriot of the Gospel" for more than 60 years, was buried today, December 3, 2015, at Petros W. Paul will be buried in the cemetery.


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