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The airline converted a passenger plane into a cargo service


Ethiopian Airlines announced that it has completed the conversion of one passenger transport aircraft to cargo service.


The passenger plane was converted to cargo service by Ethiopian Airlines in cooperation with Israel Aerospace.


The conversion took about six months.


About 14 million dollars were spent to convert the passenger transport aircraft to cargo service, which could cost more than 20 million dollars if it was operated in foreign countries.


Also, the launch ceremony of one more aircraft, which will be completed in four months, has been announced.


It is also stated that the work of converting passenger planes into freighters is the first in Africa.


The program was attended by invited guests including Chief Executive Officer of Ethiopian Airlines, Mesfu Tase, Minister of Innovation and Technology, Bele Mola and other senior government officials.


It will be remembered that Ethiopian Airlines Group was awarded the 2022 Africa's Best Cargo Airline Service Award.


The airline has converted a passenger plane that has been in service for 17 years into a full cargo service.


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