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Development works were visited in different areas of Oromia region



In the Oromia region, a visit to development works was held in which members of society from 21 zones and 23 city administrations participated.


Investors from 21 zones and 23 city administrations, intellectuals, religious leaders, religious leaders, elders, influential youth and women visited the development works carried out by all zones and city administrations.


Various development works were also visited in Jimma, Batu, Mojo, Arci, Mojo, Holta cities and Sheger city.


During the visit, it was stated that the development works that ensure the benefit of the society will continue to be strengthened.


During the visit, Dr. Teshome Adugna, Mayor of Sheger City Administration, said that cattle fattening, chicken, pig and fish farming are among the activities that have started in various areas of the city administration.


He further stated that the works that will increase the benefit of the residents will be carried out on a large scale.


The information we received from EPID indicates that the road projects, Lemat Turufat, riverside development projects and beekeeping activities were carried out in the region.


At the same time, a team led by the Chief Administrator of West Hararge Zone, Mrs. Ekram Taha, and including district administrators, visited the agricultural development activities in various districts of the zone.


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