Congratulations to Teddy and Amleset


Congratulations to Teddy and Amleset.

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The e-commerce cargo service center will be launched soon


#Ethiopia Ethiopian Airlines has announced that the modern e-commerce cargo service center that it is building with 50 million dollars will start working soon.


Following the expansion of e-commerce in the world, the airline held discussions with stakeholders to improve its cargo service to a higher level in order to maintain its competitiveness.


According to Girma Wake, chairman of the board of the airline group, the airline is the largest in Africa in terms of cargo services and follows a modern system to maintain its competitiveness in the world.


The chairman of the board pointed out that the knowledge and operating system should be developed properly to make the new cargo service center a reality.


He mentioned that the system is very different from the previous cargo service. He said that the new system will reduce the time it takes for goods to be loaded from abroad and take up to 7 days to enter Ethiopia.


Abel Alemu, Managing Director of Cargona Logistics of the airline, said that the e-commerce center will start operating in mid-2023.


ESA reports that the airline will operate by following the fastest cargo system in the world.


It was pointed out by Medku that the domestic income and expenditure items should be helped by the same procedure.


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