Comedian Eshetu Amazing Wedding - Congratulations!


Comedian Eshetu Amazing Wedding - Congratulations!

Consultation meeting

 in South Africa


#Ethiopia October 26, 2015 The African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA) and the European Research Universities Alliance (Guild), including Addis Ababa University, are holding a conference today in Cape Town, South Africa.


In the conference that the universities are holding, they discussed innovation and technology as an agenda.


The conference focuses on establishing and strengthening research centers of excellence as a group.


In this way, taking into consideration South-South and North-South relations, the establishment of science excellence cooperation and the strengthening of research excellence centers were discussed.


In the discussion, there was a consultation on the possibility of building higher research institutes that will increase the scientific development and research skills of young researchers with special talents, where they can share their experience with senior and leading researchers.


Ideas to strengthen internationally competitive, accessible and inclusive science and technology research institutions with the support of the European Union and the African Union were raised by the participants.

Issues of strengthening European-African student relations in post-graduate (master's and doctorate) programs were presented by the participants of the conference.

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