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It was suggested that action should be taken against the workers who complain to the society and seek special benefits



The problem of good management that the community faces in community facilities is raised as a challenge for daily activities.


However, there are many who say that the bonuses we give to get the services we want as customers are the main aggravation of the problem and have made the problem take root.


Based on this, how much does ABC Cyber's giving unfair advantage to service providers contribute to the worsening of the problem? How can it be reduced? He asked Mr. Tadele Dersegrman, who is the ambassador of world peace and good ethics.


In his response, Ato Tadele said that it is inappropriate for workers to demand additional bonuses from the community as long as they are provided with the necessary provisions in addition to wages.


He also mentioned that it is important to evaluate the employee's morals in addition to knowledge during the recruitment process. Furthermore, he said that not only the entry and exit time, but also the activity evaluation of the employee's responsibilities and what they plan to do in the future.


In relation to ethics, ethics officers in offices should fulfill their responsibility to look after the employee, and civic associations should also fulfill their responsibility to raise awareness so that the society knows its rights and obligations.


Ato Tadele, who reminded that one of the responsibilities of civic associations is to activate and inform the society, added that they should carry out this responsibility properly.


He also stated that it is necessary to take decisive action against workers who complain to the society and seek special benefits and appoint someone who is responsible for the work.


On the part of the community, standing together for bad things and resisting saying no; He said that he should be encouraged even if it is for good.


With this kind of action, by creating a society that abhors theft and having to do nothing, the problem can be reduced even if it cannot be completely eradicated, he advised.


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