The brothers love story


The brothers love story starts from Football. They successfully held the much expected area cup.




Continuation: He became the champion of Shromeda


* 20 teams participated in 4 categories


* More than 15 Premier League players participated


* 47 beautiful games were held


#Ethiopia The finals of our 2015 Shromedah Area Competition are over.


For the second year in a row Mekthaya has become the Shromeda champion.


 Although Hamre Noh could not win the game, they became a strong contender. They also finished as the second best team of the year and the winner of the Tsabai Cup.


In the other contest held by the journalists of the singers and Ebs sport, the singers Ebs sports won and won the trophy.



- Being the champion, he was awarded 20,000 birr and a trophy, while Hamre Noah came second and was awarded 10,000 birr and a medal.


- Binyaam Amsalu won the best player of the year category again this year.


- The star replaced me as the goal scorer.


- Hamer Nohu Adnan Kasim became the best goalkeeper of the tournament.


- The next Duke of Salah has become this year's star coach.


- Special awardee Abayneh Fino was awarded the trophy


During the program, certificates of recognition were given to Addis Ababa Police, Gulele Sub-district Police, and Shromeda Police.


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