Touching love story of a young woman


Today's storyteller came from Canada to Ethiopia. Her story is very amazing and touching. 

"It is necessary to build an ecosystem that promotes the development of our country by encouraging the culture of entrepreneurship" - Dr. Bele Mola



The "Enkopa" conference, which has been held in Addis Ababa for two consecutive days and encourages work and technological innovation, has ended.


The conference is designed to encourage young people involved in entrepreneurship to create a favorable environment for growth, creativity and sustainable development.


The Minister of Innovation and Technology, Dr. Bele Mola, said that the relationship between investors, academics, government institutions and entrepreneurs should be strengthened in order to create a favorable environment for growth, innovation and sustainable development.


For example, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, in collaboration with the Japan International Cooperation Agency, supported the university start-ups to meet with investors and other relevant parties to create connections.


The Minister of Labor and Skills, the King Tilahun said, "Our responsibility at the government level is to create favorable conditions for enterprises engaged in work and technological innovation so that they can be competitive at the international level.


The king added that it is necessary for the private sector to benefit from technology through the participation of the private sector.


According to the information we received from the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, entrepreneurs, technology developers, policy makers, start-up business professionals, investors, as well as educational and financial institutions participated in the conference held at the Millennium Hall.

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