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"Swedish pilot in Ethiopia"


  Abdi Muhammad


#Ethiopia Real translation work is becoming increasingly difficult. Especially today. Mind you, most of the books that are being recruited for translation are not of that high quality. Mostly, the book market is looking for psychology, success, etc. Translating a book in a week has become a fun business rather than a challenge. Here is the raw reality.


Alemayehu Geda is a teacher and economist. In order to make his own small contribution in his field and to inspire others to help those who want to teach development and economics, Michael Kalski, the most influential economist of the 20th century, has read the book entitled "Developing Country Economy" with great care and meaning.


I don't think there are enough books translated in all fields in our country, as he said in the introduction of his translation... "If basic economics books such as Adam Smith, David Rickard, Anna Keynes, etc., were written for me in Amharic, I would finish reading them in one week and be faster than French economics students. "I would have arrived," he regrets.


The teacher added... "Books are not translated on the issue that determines the life of every citizen. There is no translation provided to citizens in a language they can easily understand and in as non-technical a manner as possible; I hope that not only experts but all readers of our country will read it and learn it easily. To say that fifty lemons are a burden to one person but a decoration to fifty people. Even if everyone translates some transcendental book in the field they are trained in, where have we come? But when I say this, it is also to work hard to upset the Minister of Science and Technology and all the relevant parties!" He says.


Author Michael Shiferau contributed to this gap in the field of translation by translating the book "An Air Borne Knight Errant" which explores the true life story of Carl Gustav von Rosen, a friend of our country's worst days and his stay in Ethiopia, by returning it to Amharic with the title "Ke Maichew to Ogaden". . Ethiopia has hosted foreigners in its history, who came to our country and served us with sincerity and love during the times when it was in various tensions. As a citizen of a foreign country, he exposed himself to great danger and served Ethiopia wholeheartedly and decisively.


For the first time in 1928, when Italy's invasion of Ethiopia was heard in Sweden, great anger was aroused. This is because Sweden had established strong ties with Ethiopia through missionaries at that time. Its newspapers strongly condemned the Italian invasion. From the day the war started, the Swedish Red Cross Committee decided to send a battlefield hospital consisting of Swedish medical professionals to the front. When the collection of money to help the victims of the war started, the people gave the money to the members of the Red Cross Committee with heartfelt feelings.

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