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Another good news for the new year!!


Our city administration has been working with great determination to improve and increase the ophthalmology service, which has been a problem in our country, and here today, at the cost of 461 million birr, the largest and most modern ophthalmology center in our country has been built and completed. It greatly improves service in terms of quality, accessibility and efficiency, and :-


???? The fact that all types of eye treatment services are provided in one building;

???? Being able to increase the capacity by 4 times by increasing the treatment provided in 8 outpatient rooms to 33 rooms;

???? Previously, there were only 40 sleeping beds in two halls in an uncomfortable situation, but now it has 120 beds that are up to standard;

???? According to the behavior of the patients, it has private (Private, VIP) and common (Common) bedrooms;

???? double the ability to provide surgery by increasing the ophthalmic surgery rooms from 4 rooms to 8;

???? Creating the ability to provide services to 6 eye specialties at their own clinic level;

???? The fact that it eliminates the long appointments for eye treatment and reduces abuse, it is able to provide services in an organized manner to those who come by referral from different parts of our country, makes the center different.


Still, our city administration is committed to making Addis Ababa a medical tourism center and accessible to all our people. I would like to inform you that it will continue to strengthen the work it has started to provide efficient and affordable health services!!

On behalf of the public, I sincerely thank Addis Ababa Design and Construction Office, Second Mnelik Hospital, the construction contractor and consultant!!


Disappointing all those who thought we would give up, we continue to cut the ribbon!!

Thanks to the creator who helped us!!


May the Creator bless Ethiopia and its people!!

Mayor Mrs. Adanech Abebe

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