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When wheat is loved, sow; And when wheat is grown,


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We don't even know what we want. If we are hungry and life is hard for us in a noisy country because we have lost bread, how can we say that when we see that wheat has been produced?


What are we going to say if we say that we were yelled at by planting seedlings, we were yelled at by the agricultural produce, we were yelled at by hunger? If it doesn't conflict with the production of humor in politics, or if it is not an evil spirit to be angry with a good product, what name will it have?


Many people complained about the summer wheat harvest this year. What kind of idea is agriculture standing and politics? After all, even a sack stops when it is full of grain, right?


What are we not joking about? Even the production of cabbage and cabbage has become a joke. Of course, the politician does not know the selling price of a prison vegetable because he trades with the people. For him, producing and eating is an ideological loss.


Regarding the production of the wheat field, the Prime Minister had nothing to think about. We know that a politician and a hypocrite who hates our production and consumption and hates us, his idea is to see us dying of hunger and to expose the hunger.


For example, in the evaluation of the Ministry of Agriculture's performance in 2014, the minister, Omar Hussain, stated that good performance was recorded in the sector in 2014. He said that good performance was seen in summer irrigated wheat cultivation, irrigated fruit and vegetable cultivation and provision of agricultural mechanization. In major crops, 374 million quintals were planned and 336 million quintals were obtained. He said that our performance in the agricultural sector in 2014 has reached 91 percent.


It is one thing to argue that we should do more if we can produce this much during this difficult time. Why did you see me product and Uuta is a disease.


Politics, where agriculture is not the issue, always has an eye on the palace. We need to remember that a palace cannot exist without grain. If not, how can there be noise that agriculture is successful and wheat is produced?


And no matter where the grain is produced, the market is the same, and so is the country. It makes us afraid of the future when we hear from the unawakened who say that they will wake up the scorn and philosophy that makes it easy to be able to produce.

There is a reason for our shouting, but it is not right to shout when we are hungry and see something that will satisfy you and when we see the promise of grain. On the contrary, when he is hungry, the one who dances will cry out that the grain has been harvested.


All the objections are futile. When electricity goes out, when a power plant is installed, when firewood goes out, when a tree is planted, For that bis uuuta underestimates the true cry.

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