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In the autumn harvest, attention is being paid to farmers - the Ministry of Agriculture


Addis Ababa, the Ministry of Agriculture has announced that the government is paying attention to aquaria in the 2015/16 production season.


Minister of State for Agriculture Meles Mekonen (Dr.) said that soybean oil is one of the inputs for the domestic agro-processing industry, especially for oil production, and it is highly beneficial for animal feed.


He said that this year it is planned to cover 900 thousand hectares of land with soybean seeds and so far 705 thousand hectares of land has been covered with seeds.


The work of covering with seeds will continue in the remaining periods and the hectares of land to be covered will also increase, said the State Minister of Agriculture, Dr.


He said that as the product is needed to generate more income in foreign trade, it is being done with high concentration to increase productivity.


In addition to agricultural crops, cultivation of horticulture crops are the top priorities of the government for the 2015/16 crop season, said the officer (Dr.).


The Minister of State mentioned that 390 thousand hectares of land have been covered with horticultural crops so far, and mentioned that they are being worked on with vegetables, fruits, roots and flowers.


He said that it is expected that there will be better performances this year.


For this, he pointed out that cluster production of fruit products is being done with great attention.


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