The shortest Ethiopian girl Eshale holds another record


The shortest Ethiopian girl Eshale holds another record

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In an effort to ensure that Ethiopian agricultural products have market opportunities in China, he pointed out that Ethiopian coffee and sesame are taking a large share in the Chinese market.


In particular, he said that various vegetable products and meat products have been launched to join the Chinese market.


He stated that education and training support is also being strengthened to strengthen the exchange of experience in the field of technology and science, which is able to consolidate China's development experience.


He pointed out that efforts are being made to facilitate the transfer of technology, on the one hand, through investment, and on the other hand, to expand education and training activities within the framework of bilateral relations.


On the other hand, in relation to the war that Ethiopia is currently facing in the northern part of the country, the matter is an internal matter and Ethiopia should resolve it itself, ESA reported that China has been reflecting a principled position.


Not only that, he also mentioned that Ethiopia has expressed its position without hesitation that the problem faced by the African Union should be resolved through the ongoing peace efforts.


He pointed out that this is being done to strengthen its partnership and on the other hand, it is being done to strengthen their cooperation on climate, terrorism and other issues shared by Ethiopia and China in other international forums.


On the other hand, Ethiopia will continue to work closely with China in efforts to establish peace in the region and throughout Africa, considering its contribution to peace and stability in East Africa.


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