Mihret episode 9 | Kana Television Drama


Mihret Episode 9 - Kana Television 

Ethio Telecom was asked to work together with the Addis Ababa Fire and Disaster Risk Management Commission



The institutions signed the agreement with the aim of launching new telecom technology services.


It is also stated that the agreement is part of the plan to make Addis Ababa a smart city.


It is also suggested that it is possible to take immediate action in the modern digital way by using the technology when there is a fire and an emergency in the capital.


Ethio Telecom Chief Marketing Officer Ato Saeed Aragau said that Ethio Telecom is working to make Digital Ethiopia a reality by digitizing the services provided by institutions.


Deputy Commissioner Yifele W/Kres reminded that firemen are still performing their responsibilities while making sacrifices even by exposing themselves to great danger. He said that the current agreement will enable efficient and reliable disaster prevention work.


By the grace of Nathaniel



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