Kitat episode 63 - Kana Television Drama


Kitat episode 63 - Kana Television Drama.

"Development work is underway to make Piaza a tourist attraction" - Mayor Adanech Abebe



The mayor of Addis Ababa, Adanech Abebe, said that development work is underway to make Piyasa a tourist attraction.


The mayor announced that the work of connecting the Piazza area, where Adwa Victory Memorial, City Hall, the country's first hotel, theater, cinema and other historical relics are located, is being done in a convenient way for tourists.


The 3rd regular meeting of the 3rd year of the Addis Ababa City Council was held today.


The mayor presented a report on the development of the corridor in the capital and the implementation of the redevelopment plan around Adwa.


Mayor Adanech Abebe said that Four Kilo and Piasa are areas where many heritages are found. He said that in the development of the corridor, attention has been paid to increase the tourism attraction of the areas.


ESA reported that the mayor said that work is being done to connect the areas with infrastructure, feeders and wide roads.

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