Mebreq episode 42 - Kana Television Drama


Mebreq episode 42 - Kana Television Drama.

The 26th All Oromia Games has come to an end



The All Oromia Games, which has been suspended for 5 years, has been held in Jimma city for the past few days and has reached its end today.


Mathews Seboka, head of the Oromia Youth and Sports Bureau, who spoke at the closing ceremony today; They said that the competition, which has been comparing more than 5 thousand sportsmen in 21 different competitions, has been successfully completed.


In today's men's football final, Jimma Zone won the title by beating Jimma City 4-0.


In this competition, the overall winner of the Olympics is Sheger City, and Adama City and Maya are the next.


Calculate the Paralympic Overall Winner; The overall winner of the Def Olympics was the city of Nekemte.

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