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Ephrem Tamiru top ten songs.

Amharic language classes will be offered in Moscow schools from September


Addis Ababa, It has been announced that Amharic language will be taught in Moscow schools from September.


Regarding the issue, Sputnik International News Service Organization and Radio ÷ conducted a discussion on the prospects of Russian-African economic cooperation.


The discussion was organized with the support of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund and the Center for Humanitarian Aid, and it was pointed out that it is part of an expert and educational event aimed at creating a new horizon of cooperation between Russia and the countries of the Middle East and Africa.


Historians and officials from various Russian and African universities attended the discussion.


The director of the Institute of Asian and African Studies, Alexey Maslov, announced that at least four Moscow schools will begin teaching Amharic and Swahili to children from the end of September 2023.


Maslov added that the possibility of teaching Yoruba language in Moscow schools is being facilitated with the new special schedule.


The director said that in order to quickly turn our attention to Africa, it is necessary to produce completely different professionals who can work directly with the economy.


He said that it should be realized that Africa is not just one big continent but a continent with different languages, cultures, religions and national identities.


Tunde Ajileye, the scholar who took part in the discussion, mentioned that Russia was one of the countries where African elites go to get a degree.


According to the scholar, he emphasized the importance of strengthening cooperation in agriculture, energy and investment.

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