Tilahun Gessese's Best 10 Love Songs


Tilahun Gessese's Best 10 Love Songs

Below are list of famous and legendary Ethiopian singer Tilahun Gesesse musics which are top notch among his much loved songs.

1. Bemishit Chereka (This song takes the first spot even if it is never easy to rank his songs)

2. Monalizaye nesh (He is comparing the beauty of his beloved girl with Monalisa)

3. Yehiwote Hiwot (How can someone describe his girl as his soul? But Tilahun did and we all agree)

4. Akal Aynishen (He was just dreaming to see her face)

5. Nafkotua new (All I am going through is because I'm am missing her badly)

6. Yezenababa mar nesh ( He is comparing his girl with a honey of palm oil tree)

7. Japanuan wodije (This song is dedicated to a Japanese beauty )

8. Migibima moltoal ( He is asking for love as food is not enough to live happily)

9. Ene bebekule (He is expressing the love he has for her but she is not yet to agree with his ideas)

10. Kifu aynkash ( Evil never touch you, any one can invite a person who he or she values)

Enjoy all the songs!!

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