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The total construction performance of the new Nile River Bridge has reached 76 percent


The Ethiopian Roads Administration has announced that the new Nile River Bridge being built in Bahirdar City is being worked on fully in the next 3 months. It is stated that the total construction performance has reached 76 percent.


The contractor who is carrying out the construction with 1.4 billion birr allocated by the government of Ethiopia is the China Communication Construction Company. The consulting and supervision work is being done by Botech Bosphorus Consulting and Stadia Engineering. It is being built on. When this modern bridge is built and completed, it is expected to provide a comfortable traffic flow alongside the economic and social benefits it will bring. Besides this, it will help the city of Bahr-Dar to be more attractive.


When the bridge is completed, it will be able to accommodate 6 vehicles on the left and right sides at the same time, and it will also include a 5-meter pedestrian path and a bicycle lane, according to the information received by Bisrat Radio from the Ethiopian Roads Administration.


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