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#The third_singers_and_musicians_meeting_was held!!


Today, the meeting of the Union of Singers and Musicians was held for the third time in the City Church (Yugo). The program started with a prayer, and our brother, musician David Goldu, prayed. The title of the prayer was covering the weakness of the brothers and he prayed for us to repent when we should repent of what we do not deserve in our other brothers. He said that we should cover our brothers and we should love our brothers as ourselves.


A time of worship was led by singer Jordan and wonderful worship was provided by singer Becky.

Psalm 136:1-26 We worship God.


Musician Bethab Kasa led the program and invited the guest of the day, singer Bethlehem Wolde. Singer Ebenezer Legese interviewed singer Betty.


Interviewer - Singer Ebenezer - How did you start your ministry? Who is your role model?


Zemarit Bethlehem Wolde - I started writing songs when I was in the sixth grade. My example is Pastor Hope Gabiso. After I composed a song, I received a letter after my song. The letter said that my song writing is not correct. I decided not to sing again. I received another letter saying that many people were comforted by my song.


Asking Singer Ebenezer - Tell us the testimonies you won't forget in your songs.


Singer Betty Wolde- was my older sister who I will never forget. She said give glory to God. A taxi driver testified to my sister. A woman was about to kill herself and gave up her thoughts of dying while listening to my song in a taxi.


Another testimony I heard recently. During the Ethiopian-Eritrean war, one of them had a Bible and my song in his pocket. He was killed in the middle of a battle. When another soldier searches our dead man's pocket, he finds that Bible and my hymn. Then he accepted the Lord. That man who passed through Sudan is now a pastor.


Finally, my advice is to listen to new singers. There are many things that are not recorded with God. Adhering to Him, we should receive hymns. There are many hymns yet to be sung. There is nothing finished with God, so draw closer to him. Make the original the original. she said May God bless you, singer Betty Wolde.


In the last program, Pastor Zemari shared the word of God with us. He conveyed a wonderful message to young and old singers. Start with gratitude. He sent a wonderful message.


I will continue to invite former singers and give advice to young singers. I say that the Lord will give you the strength to do more to bring the ideas and visions that he raised in the first meeting to the end.


Zerihun glory


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