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Drink lemon with water!


* 13 advantages


1. Prevents cancer; Lemon balances the acid balance in our body and promotes healthy blood cell growth.


2. Facilitates the detoxification system; Using lemon not only facilitates the following system to get rid of toxic substances in the food we eat, but also plays a role of replacing the hormones needed to get rid of them.


3. It helps our mind to be bright; Magnesium and potassium are needed for our brain to be bright and perform its daily functions properly. As the ingredients are found in lemon, it makes the brain system work properly and makes our brain bright.


4. Corrects abnormal kidney system; If we have a problem with our kidney system, drinking a squeeze of lemon with warm water every morning will cause our body to produce fluids that remove toxic substances that distort the kidney system.


5. Makes respiratory organs healthy; Lemon contains vitamin C, which is essential for the healthy functioning of the respiratory system. In addition, it also acts as a means of rapid healing when our respiratory system is ill.


6. It makes us have a balanced body; It keeps the body in a balanced state by removing unnecessary fats in our body and smoothing the digestive system.


7. It makes us active; Vitamin C found in lemons can reduce depression and fatigue and keep us alert.


8. Getting rid of internal pain; While removing unnecessary and toxic substances for our body, our body can deal with fever, cramps, headache and sometimes allergies and swellings caused by our body. Regular use of lemon plays a role in reducing pain by facilitating the above-mentioned elimination system of unnecessary substances for our body.


9. It helps the liver to perform its work properly; Lemon makes the bile from the liver to be produced properly and makes the digestive system efficient.


10. Makes us have clear body skin; Lemon has the ability to prevent various skin infections. Using lemon can protect our skin from pimples, dark spots and bad rays.


11. Adjusts the acid and base balance of our body. Experts in the field say that although lemon has an acid base, it also has a base base. This helps maintain a balanced acid-base balance in our body.


12. Prevents flu; The type of acid found in lemon helps prevent colds.


13. Maintains dental health. Apart from making our mouth smell good, lemon also keeps our teeth clean and healthy.


To reap the benefits of lemons mentioned above, squeeze half a lemon in a glass of water as your breakfast when you wake up.



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