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On the 15th, Afar Sultan Ahmed Alimirah entered Addis Ababa


Addis Ababa, April 15, 2016 (FBC) The 15th Sultan of Afar, Ahmed Alimirah, arrived in Addis Ababa.


Sultan Alimirah's son, the 15th Sultan Ahmed of Afar, was appointed in March last year following the death of his brother Sultan Hanfre Alimirah, who was the Sultan of the entire Afar.


It is said that the leaders of the Afar Sultan have a great role in solving the social and political problems of the Afar people in a sustainable way through traditional methods.


The Sultan of Afar Ahmed Alimirah arrived in Addis Ababa today after his stay abroad, the Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council Zahara Humed, the Coordinator of the Center for Democracy System Building Ambassador Hassan Abdul Qadir, the former Head of State of Afar Ismail Alisro, the former Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Ambassador Hassan Abdullah and other senior government officials welcomed them.

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