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Kudu Guni Episode 2 kana television drama series.

Norwegian theater group members have arrived in Addis Ababa


#Ethiopia The Ministry of Tourism gave a welcome reception to the members of the theater group.


The coming of the theater group members and artists to Ethiopia will help to strengthen the cultural exchange between Norway and Ethiopia.


It will also have a great opportunity to promote Ethiopia's tourism and investment sectors.


The Minister of Tourism, Daeta Lensa (Aida) stated that the development of programs like Mekonen will create great potential to promote Ethiopia's tourism resources. They asked the members of the group to promote Ethiopia's tourism wealth in the countries they visit.


The members of the Nordic Black Theater group, which consists of more than 30 members, will stay in Ethiopia for 10 days and will present their theater works at the National Theater, Jared Music School, African Union and other places.


Among the programs, a musical drama based on the life of Maya Angelou called "Black Faith Rising" will be presented at the Ethiopian National Theater on Friday at 11:30 pm.


During their stay, the members of the group will visit the tourism destinations and other investments of the country.


Members of the Nordic Black Theater group will travel to different African countries and present their art works.

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