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It was announced that the work of increasing the capacity of communication and public relations professionals will continue


Addis Ababa, April 14, 2016 (FBC) The Government Communication Service has stated that it will continue to strengthen the capacity of professionals in the field to effectively manage national communication and public relations activities.


The training provided by the Government Communication Service to federal and state public relations officers and experts has been completed today.


According to the Minister of Government Communication Services, Mr. Leges Tulu (Dr.) at the same time, the training was focused on five topics.


He pointed out that the first is focused on the nature of the construction of a narrative, the techniques and strategies of the directions in which it is carried out, and the second is focused on regional, continental and global conditions.


He said that the focus of the training was on peace building activities as well as the three-year medium-term development plan which was prepared as the center of the ten-year government development plan.


He said that the basic ideas and tools of public relations are the other topics that the training focused on.


In general, he pointed out that the training enabled the experts in the field to understand the national missions and the main focuses of the government and to create a full capacity with knowledge and skills.


He further pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the capacity of the experts in the field to coordinate the national flow of information at every level.


He stated that many capacity building works are being done in this regard and said that the works started to increase the capacity of communication and public relations professionals will continue.


They stated that procedures and guidelines are being prepared to help in training the work and when they are completed, it will be of great help to the sector.

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