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It is said that the training program supported by China is  not good for young Ethiopian drivers


Addis Ababa, It was announced that the training program supported by China is empowering young drivers in Ethiopia.


According to the Xinhua report, the Ethio-Djibouti railway line built by China has created job opportunities for 55 thousand people in Ethiopia and Djibouti.


In addition to job creation, this railway line provided training opportunities for more than 3,000 professionals, and laid a strong foundation for the development of the railway industry in Ethiopia and Djibouti, the report indicated.


One of those who benefit from this opportunity is called Dejen Buy.


He is one of the first to get a driver's license for electric trains in Ethiopia.


Degen, who mentions that he was only a train captain coach, explains that he got this opportunity by being trained by the Chinese.


Currently, however, he is giving the training to other trainees and he says, "We can train our own experts."


He also pointed out that China's support for Ethiopia from building railway infrastructure to empowering local residents with train operation knowledge and skills is admirable.


The 752 km long Ethio-Djibouti gauge railway line is also called the Addis Ababa-Djibouti railway line.


The report also indicates that it is the first electric cross-border railway in Africa.


It is also mentioned that the railway line reduced the transportation time of more than three days to 20 hours and enabled landlocked Ethiopia to import and export its products easily.

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