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The construction of the new Nile bridge has reached 76 percent


Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian Roads Administration announced that the completion of the new Nile River Bridge project under construction in Bahir Dar city has reached 76 percent.


It has been pointed out that the entire construction process is being accelerated to carry out the main works of the bridge according to the plan.


When the bridge was completed, 511 meters of the 760 meter "grader" length on both lines was completed, and the bridge's bearing pillars and the underground permanent bearing foundations of the bridge were completely completed, the administration said.


In addition, it was stated that 8 permanent bearing piers required for the bridge have been completed and the rest are being completed soon.


It is said that in the next 3 months, the main part of the bridge, "Grider", is being fully installed.


The construction of the bridge is being done with the budget of 1.4 billion birr allocated by the government under the contract of China Communication Construction Company.


The new Nile River Bridge is being built 2 kilometers away from the existing Nile River Bridge in Bahir Dar City.


The information we received from the administration indicates that this modern bridge will allow for a comfortable traffic flow along with the economic and social benefits it will bring when it is completed.

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