Birhanu Tezera with a big gift!


Singer Birhanu Tezra on Seifu show.

Melat Nebu (artist)


My name is Melat Nabiyu. I have been through the Ethiopian filmmaking process for the past ten years, and I am still going through it.


I have participated in ten films so far and I am trying to come up with a film that has a huge historical content and revolves around an Ethiopian woman named Etege Mentwab.


In addition to this, I am also involved in the business activities alongside the film work, and the perfume product that I recently announced for the market is also mentioned in my way of life that I think brings me closer to people.


Although I am not a deep reader who can devote a lot of time to reading, I always try to balance my time with reading.

But in the future, I feel that I will be a person who is able to link a lot of her time with reading.


Among the books I read


1 desire

I prefer 'Megwa'

The book is the book that made me know about religion and ask myself many questions.


2-Merbabt is a follow-up book to Megwa, so I will put it in second place.


3-The alchemist

 I found the story in the book to be about a storyteller who, despite being challenged by the purity of his heart, made it to a better height.


We have come a long way in many ways related to reading. We spend more time on our phones than we do reading books. I would like to see the attention paid to reading in the past. I feel happy if our culture is developed.

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