Yeqosele Fikir episode 94 | Kana TV drama


Yeqosele Fikir episode 94 on Kana Television drama.


Gofa's "Gaze Maskala" and Oida's "Yoo Maskala" are being celebrated in Saula city.



The festival is being held in Saula city, which is 520 km southwest of Addis Ababa, with various traditional ceremonies.


The Gofa and Oida ethnic groups celebrate their New Year in a way that is linked to the Cross Festival according to their own calendar.


Forgiveness is an important value in both cultures. It is believed that celebrating or spending the cross festival with a grudge will bring 'gome' or curse.


Traditional food, drink and clothing are among the preliminaries of the festival; On the day of the festival, everyone is dressed and bathed according to their age, playing different traditional songs and going out to the festival square together to celebrate it.


Among the ethnic groups, the task of preparing fodder is done 15 days in advance so that not only humans but also domestic animals do not go hungry and thirsty.


In the southern region of Ethiopia, in connection with the festival of the cross, the festivals of the change of time celebrated by different ethnic groups contain the values ​​of forgiveness, love and solidarity.


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