Best wedding ever 2022 Alex & Dinu music by Madingo Afewerk


Wedding ceremony performance by late artist Madingo Afewerk.

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The General Manager of Addis Ababa City, Ato Tolatu Yeene, said that this year, Irecha, which is a festival of peace, gratitude, solidarity and unity, will be celebrated in Addis Ababa city in a way that respects the culture and values ​​of all Ethiopians.


In a panel discussion held in Addis Ababa district regarding the 2015 Hora Finfine Irecha celebration in Addis Ababa city, Abagadas have a great role in preserving the value of Irecha from generation to generation. They deserve respect for this, said Ato Torutu Yeene.


Therefore, Irecha said that it is a common holiday and a treasure of all Ethiopians that promotes peace, reconciliation, love, tolerance, unity, togetherness and brotherhood, so we should protect it.


Hora Finfine Irecha, which will be celebrated in Addis Ababa on Saturday, September 21, 2015, is expected of all of us to welcome guests from all over the country to our city with a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood that makes them feel like they have come home.


Irecha festival, which is part of the Oromo Geda system, is celebrated in the U

As Nesco is one of the registered intangible heritages of Ethiopia, many local and foreign tourists are there to attend the festival, and the city administration has completed all the necessary preparations to ensure that the festival is celebrated in a bright and peaceful manner.

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