Rising music star Mastewal playing Madingo song


Rising music star Mastewal playing Madingo song.

World Migratory Bird Day was celebrated in Ethiopia's Abijata Shala National Park


#Ethiopia World Migratory Bird Day, celebrated on the second Saturday of October every year, was celebrated at Abijata Shala National Park today.


The festival was celebrated in the lakes of the Rift Valley National Park, which welcomes the migratory birds of the world, and in the presence of the relevant stakeholders, there was a discussion and explanation about the birds, especially the life of migration and the world of migration, and the current situation in the world.


The United Nations will celebrate the holiday with the motto Light Pollution, Light Pollution will be the focus of the World Migratory Bird Day 2022, especially with the fact that artificial light is increasing at least 2 percent per year worldwide and is harming many bird species. Relatedly, he focused on a slogan that could save that.


World experts now say light pollution is a major threat to migratory birds. The organization also creates confusion for the birds as they fly at night, causing them to collide with buildings, particularly hindering their ability to migrate long distances.


World Migratory Bird Day is an annual awareness campaign that highlights the importance of protecting migratory birds and their habitats. In doing so, it has a global reach and works to raise global awareness of the threats to migratory birds, their ecological importance and the need for international cooperation to protect them.


When the member country Ethiopia celebrates the day, especially by working to create an awareness that creates a comfortable environment for the migrant birds coming from the world and spending their time in Ethiopia.


Mr. Kumera Waqjra, Director General of the Authority, who attended the World Migratory Bird Day event at Abijata Shala National Park today, said that the birds also love our country, and expressed the importance of protecting natural resources.


On that day, the authority's deputy director general, Mr. Solomon Mekon, students, various stakeholders and families of the nature conservation profession were present. Abijata Lake, a bird sanctuary, was also visited during the event.


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