"My beloved wife is missing my son" heartbreaking father's agony


"My beloved wife is missing my son" heartbreaking father's agony 

Ovid Group completed and handed over the high school boarding school it built in Toba city for 45 million birr.


#Ethiopia The secondary boarding school built by Ovid Group in Toba town of Guma district of Jimma zone was inaugurated by the CEO of Federal Housing Corporation Mr. Reshad Kemal.


It is also remembered that he built a house for the weak in Mankusana Bahardar in the Amhara region. In Addis Ababa, he was able to build housing in seven areas and hand it over for free.


It is said that the high school boarding school will have the capacity to receive more than 1,500 students and the construction can be completed in 15 months.


Mr. Reshad Kemal was awarded a trophy by the people of Guma District in Jimma Zone for his outstanding role in supporting and supporting the construction of the boarding school.


Ovid Group, which is known for carrying out many social responsibility activities, received a trophy award from the people of Guma district.


Ato Reshad Kemal noted that the resident has been teaching in Toba city for 11 years by working in a school on his own initiative and said that the teaching and learning process was not convenient.


On his part, Ovid Group's Strategic Management Manager Frew Yene reminded that the construction was built at full cost by Ovid Group, previously in Mankusana, Bahardar city and Addis Ababa city in seven areas of Amhara region, they have built and handed over housing to the underprivileged.


He noted that the organization has been able to create job opportunities for many mothers by building and supporting an egg factory in Addis Ababa city with a production capacity of more than 288,000 per day.


Ato Frew confirmed that the social service activities carried out by the Ovod Group are important for nation building and will continue such activities in various areas of our country.


Mr. Tijani Nasir, Chief Administrator of Jimma Zone, thanked Ovid Group on behalf of the people of Jimma Zone and Guma District.


Jimma University has also promised to organize digital library and laboratory rooms and provide other additional support.


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