Fryat Yemane revealed the father of her son


Fryat Yemane revealed the father of her son.

The addition of Wanchei-Dandi Ecotourism project has been demonstrated in practice - PM Abiy Ahmed


#Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.) stated that the addition of Wanchei-Dendi Ecotourism project has been demonstrated in practice and it has been confirmed that a great work can be done in a short period of time.


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.) inaugurated the Wanchei-Dandi Ecotourism Project, which is part of Gebetal Le Hager projects.


In his message at the same time, he said that the Wanchei-Dundee Ecotourism project has proven that it is possible to do a great job in a short period of time and that the addition has been demonstrated in practice.


He said that the project was built with resources collected from different areas of the country, experts and project coordinators from different areas, and therefore integration was seen in practice.


He recalled that many heroes who came out of the region have done a great service to preserve the unity and sovereignty of Ethiopia.


He pointed out that integration means growing together and added that integration is important to ensure Ethiopia's prosperity.


ESA reported that they stated that the project will connect Wongsi and the surrounding area through development.


They stated that since the Wanchei-Dendi Ecotourism project consists of various infrastructures, the investors have created favorable conditions for their future work.


He said that it is a demonstration that we can start work on the Wanchei-Dundee Ecotourism project and do it with quality in a short period of time.


He mentioned that this project is the beginning of work and said that we are expected to do a lot of work in the future.


He further stated that there is a need to do a big work that connects Ambo, Wonchi-Dandi Lake, Walliso together.


He said that the regional government should work diligently so that investors can participate in investment in the Wanchei-Dendi area.


He conveyed a message to the community of the source area to preserve the nature of the area and to continue this activity.


He said that the people who are traditionally hospitable should continue to maintain the name by welcoming the guests who come to visit Wonchi-Dendi.


He said that he should take care of the visitors and make them come back happily, he should attract the attention of the visitors and facilitate a way to earn better income.


They said that we should ensure our prosperity by working hard on our natural resources.

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