Fryat Yemane - my story part 2


Fryat Yemane shared her view on the current situation.

I graduated from the Sweet Hotel


#Ethiopia Shtaye Suite Hotel, a sister company of Kura River Plc., was officially inaugurated today, February 23, 2016, in the presence of ministers, senior government officials and invited guests.


Father Veterans Recognition Awards were presented at the graduation ceremony.


Shtaye Suite Hotel has G+15 with 1 basement on 600 square meters and is said to include ample parking. In addition, the hotel took 7 years to build and it is stated that it has created job opportunities for more than 200 citizens of our country.


The hotel has 65 spacious, comfortable and modern facilities with their own cooking rooms, and what makes it unique is the selection of penthouse rooms (ie, a four-room bedroom with a connecting living room and kitchen, or a large number of adjoining rooms that can be opened and closed as needed).


In addition to this, it is said that Shtaye Suite Hotel is organized with modern and high investment resources and is ready to provide full service conference halls, bar and restaurant, lounge, cafe and other services.


Adam Bekele, the manager of the hotel, said that he is preparing to add a cultural hall, a swimming pool, a children's playground, and large wedding and assembly halls in the expansion project.


Shtaye Suite Hotel is located in front of Gregorios square in Wolo neighborhood of Addis Ababa city.


 It is stated that Shtaye Suite Hotel was jointly built by the investor Mr. Shewarega Birega and his brother Mr. Mesfen Birega. It is stated that the investor started his business 36 years ago by selling clothes with an initial capital of 50 Birr as ``A''.


Today, Mr. Shewarega Bireda and Mr. Mesfen thanked and rewarded their parents, Adot Adela, who gave Mr. Shewarega 50 birr capital 36 years ago.


The event was jointly organized by Adina Event Promotion and Ashkutty Multimedia.


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