The butcher told the truth


The butcher told the truth. 

Senior leaders and members of the House of People's Representatives of the Federation visited various projects that are being completed in Addis Ababa.


Due to the lack of loan from the Chinese Exim Bank, which was a source of public complaint for a long time, the huge second ring road crossing the Bulbula and Aqaki rivers, which is being built by the city's budget and capacity, is a 10.5 km long road project from Kaliti Square to Tulu Dimtu Square, which is a part of the road and 325 They visited the alternative entry and exit corridor of the city, the metre-long suspension bridge.


During the visit, the Speaker, Honorable Ato Tagese Thafo, mentioned that development projects that are built with great vision and ideas have a great role in building the country's economy and image.


One of the projects that the members of the council visited was a forest project. If the project had not been carried out with a big vision, it would have remained a forest without change until today. He said that they should all be surprised and thanked.


Head of the Prime Minister's Office and Minister of Cabinet Affairs Mrs. Alemsin Paulus said that the construction of roads, bridges, main and internal roads and large bridges, including the forest project, have ensured the sustainable development of the country, created job opportunities for citizens, beautified the city, and eliminated traffic congestion. , citizens are saved from abuse and additional transportation costs, they explained that they are fair and inclusive.


Mrs. Alemsin Paulus added that the construction of the Akaqi International Stadium, the rehabilitation centers for the blind and women are nearing completion.

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