Mesud - the next comedian in the making


Mesud is the next big comedian in the making

Addis Ababa City Administration's Youth and Sport Bureau held a discussion with more than 1500 youths from all 11 sub-cities for the peaceful celebration of Ketira and Baptism, which is celebrated in public among the believers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.


The Head of Youth and Sports Bureau of Addis Ababa City Administration, Mr. Balai Dejen, who gave the opening speech to the discussion, said that the baptism ceremony, which is registered as a world heritage, is attended by many followers of the faith, and that youth have a great role in preserving its religious values.


Ato Balai, who explained that baptism is a festival that expresses our brotherhood and is celebrated in a special and grand manner, said that the youth of the city should work in coordination with the security forces so that the festival starts and ends peacefully.


Getahun Abera, deputy head of the Addis Ababa Peace and Security Bureau, who was present at the forum and conveyed a message to the youth, said that when the community celebrates the baptism, other than the messages that reflect the religious and cultural aspect of the festival, other unnecessary agitations and actions that disrupt the society are prohibited.


Mr. Getahun, who mentioned that more than 278 arks, including Jan Meda in Addis Ababa, will go to 78 ark resting places from their place of honor to the baptismal sea.


The youths who participated in the forum said that they should work together with the security forces until the baptism ceremony starts and ends peacefully and they will work especially by monitoring the hair change and delivering it to the concerned party.


The youth raised the issues that they face as threats during the celebration of Al Alu, and through extensive consultation and discussion on the threats, an agreement was reached that all parties should work with a sense of responsibility.

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