Yefazilet Lijoch Episode 50 on Kana Television


Best of The Best Yefazilet Lijoch Episode 50 on Kana Television. On this episode it is expected where Azim is talking to Fazilet to marry her daughter, Ece. 

We thank our creator for Ethiopia. We give our sincere thanks for our heroes!!

Today we welcomed the heroes, dear children of Ethiopia with honor, we honored them for honoring us, we thanked them for uplifting our Ethiopia, we shared our happiness and gave them a warm welcome as our city administration.

Ethiopia is a land of many graces, a country of wonderful and great people. Our heroes are the fruits of this great country.

Our city administration has given various prizes to our athletes who won the victory

• 500 square meters of land for each of the athletes who won a gold medal

• 350 square meters of land for each of those who won a silver medal

• 250 square meters of land for each of those who won a bronze medal

In addition to the land, a gold gift was also given to the athlete Gudaf Tsagai who won two medals.

I would like to take this opportunity to express that the city administration will build a memorial to other young people who will be a model for other young people and a memorial worthy of her honor to Commander Athlete Derartu Tulu, who led her to this wonderful victory as a mother, coach, and advisor to our athletes.


He also contributed a total of 10 million birr in cash to the delegation that participated in the championship.

Our pregnant mother, Ethiopia, will shine bright and beautiful in all fields. Our journey is universal.

The generation will combine the bravery of the fathers, the greatness and mercy of the Creator, the wisdom and knowledge of the times and bring the country to the tower of greatness!

Mayor Adane Abebe


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