Lula couldn’t hold back when she saw her friends


It was stated that he was able to bring about a real change in the management of Dredawa through the works done over the years.


     The discussion forum organized by the Urban Revenue Reform Project Office of the Ministry of Urban and Infrastructure and the joint cooperation of Ethiopian cities included a number of experiences and workshops focused on municipal revenue reform, urban planning implementation, land management, legal cadastre and cleanliness and beauty. Plans have been made.


    In the evening, a dinner program was held at the city administration for the Minister of Urban and Infrastructure DETA and officials, mayors of different cities and invited guests who participated in the same program. Mr. Harbi Buh, the deputy mayor of Dredawa administration and the head of the trade industry and investment office, who also spoke at the same program, said that the honorable mayor of our administration, Mr. Kedir Juhar and his cabinet and the residents of the city, have been able to bring about tangible changes in the city. They said.


     Mr. Harbi Buh added that apart from the changes that are coming to the city, he said that he has been able to make it a city that is completely peaceful and comfortable for its residents, in terms of job creation and service delivery, as well as other development projects including other development projects. What they said that day.

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