Telaye Best Amharic movie 2022


Telaye Best Amharic movie 2022

Stars: Fenan Hidru, Engdasew Habte

Current information on humanitarian assistance



Following the agreement reached in Pretoria between the Federal Government of Ethiopia and the HHWAT, the government is carrying out the humanitarian aid provision and reconstruction works in Tigray. In order to reach citizens who need urgent humanitarian assistance, the government, in cooperation with international development partners, is transporting humanitarian assistance to the Tigray region in three directions (corridors).


The main humanitarian aid information of the last four days is presented as follows;


In Gondar Corridor

• November 17- 30 World Food Organization trucks loaded with 1,137 metric tons of food grains were sent from Gondar to Shire via Humera; Also, 10 trucks loaded with 212 metric tons of grain were transported from Gondar to Maitrebi.

• November 18- The World Food Organization sent 1,043 metric tons of food grains from Gondar to Shire in 24 trucks.

• November 19- 11 heavy vehicles are being loaded to transport aid grain from Shire to Maitrebari.

• November 20- 17 trucks of the World Food Organization loaded with 380 metric tons of food aid were sent from Gondar to Mai Tsebri ̀¸Dima. Also, 9 trucks brought food aid from Gondar to Shire and returned to Gondar


in Kombolcha Corridor

• November 17- 22 trucks carrying 626 metric tons of food aid from Kombolcha arrived in Zata.

• November 18- 54 vehicles loaded with food grains of the World Food Organization left Kombolcha and went to Ofla; They have reached Raya Lamata

• November 19- For those in the southern zone; Korum and other districts are being shipped food grains


Samara Corridor

• November 17- 34 vehicles loaded with different support arrived in Mekele. The following types of support are included: 77 metric tons of non-food items, 1,223 metric tons of food grains and 95,272 liters of fuel.

• November 18- A total of 175 cars sent by the Catholic Relief Service arrived in Mekele.

• November 20- 140 vehicles loaded with food aid started their journey from Semera to Mekele.


Flight service

• November 20- A passenger flight was carried out from Addis Ababa to Mekele through the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service.


November 21, 2015

Addis Ababa

Government Communication Service


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