Yehiwot kimemu Amharic full movie 2022


Yehiwot kimemu Amharic full movie 2022

The second round of National Volunteer Service graduation and graduation program was held in Dredawa.


Globally, more than 1 billion people participate in various fields of volunteering every year, according to the United Nations Organization for Volunteer Coordination.

Recently, a large number of people are participating in this good work in our country and a large number of young people are participating in this work in our administration.


The graduation and graduation program of the National Volunteer Service, who have been serving the residents in various fields in the administration, was held today with great pomp.


Deputy Mayor of Dredawa Administration and N.E. Inv. According to the head of the office, Honorable Ato Harbi Buh, the ethnic groups and people living in Dredawa have been a strong society based on unity, equality, empathy and mutual support for more than a century regardless of ethnicity, religion, language, color; He stated that they are a people who have a wonderful culture of tolerance and economic cooperation and emphasized that the role of the youth is important to ensure lasting peace and universal development of our country.


 Organized by the Ministry of Peace, by recruiting young people from various regions nationwide, they will conduct short trainings on peace building, nation building, leadership skills, life skills, work skills, national values, coexistence, culture, physical activity and various community specific trainings at various universities. Giving for 45 days; The Honorable Mayor also explained that they are engaged in community-oriented service in various institutions in the field they are trained in.


According to this, out of 104 youths assigned by the administration in the first round, 98 have been engaged in various social activities, and out of the 128 national volunteers assigned in the second round, 117 have been performing various voluntary services and have been tested today. In addition, 51 of the 52 volunteers assigned by the administration in the 3rd round have been sent for voluntary service. He said that the administration is making great preparations to receive 75 national volunteers in the 4th round.


At the forum, the 10-month volunteer service work report was presented by Mr. Brock officer and a wide discussion was held with the participants.


Finally, certificates of recognition were given to the investors, kebeles and sector offices in the administration who had outstanding contributions in voluntary service.


Peace be upon you

Photo: Mulalem Island


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