Behind the Camera/ New Full Amharic Movie with English Subtitle


Behind the Camera/ New Full Amharic Movie
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Mayor Adanech Abebe gave a tour of the works done in Addis Ababa to more than 200 city mayors from all over Ethiopia.


They visited mega projects built in Addis Ababa with the support of our Honorable Prime Minister, other large projects under construction, and among the human-oriented projects that have been started throughout the city, including the Hope Beheran center, houses built for low-income people in 90 days, and other works that are characteristic of our city.


Mayor Adanech Abebe explained to the visitors that the projects made to make Addis Ababa a tourist destination have changed the face of the city, Addis Ababa has not only started a project but also has created a work and work culture that allows it to be completed on time.


The mayors of Ethiopian cities mentioned that they were impressed by the work done to ease the living pressure of the residents and make the city comfortable for its residents.


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