AND TARIK - new Ethiopian Amharic movie 2023


AND TARIK - new Ethiopian  Amharic movie 2023.

Medical supplies worth 100 million birr were provided to Jimma University


Medical equipment worth 100 million birr was donated to Jimma University Medical Center for bowel cancer surgery.


It was pointed out that the support was received from UZ Hospital of Ghent University, Belgium.


The medical supplies include equipment for colon cancer surgery, intensive care units, and other medical supplies.


Cora Tushne, the coordinator of the sustainable education and research project at Jimma University, told Fana Broadcasting Corporation that the collaboration between UZ Hospital of Ghent University in Belgium and Jimma University Medical Center is ongoing.


Prof. Pete Patten, the head of the medical delegation at Ghent University UZ Hospital in Belgium, expressed his desire to work with Jemaa University Medical Center.


He said that UZ Hospital will play its part in the support to increase medical services.


By Ebenezer Taye


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