Yesuf Abeba - New Ethiopian Movie 2023


Yesuf Abeba New Ethiopian movie 2023. 
Casts: Meskerem Abera and Girum Ermias.

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Jigjiga is celebrating the 18th National Day of the Nation



The government of the Somali region has been preparing for this year's national festival and is now welcoming the guests who will participate in the celebration.


The festival has been celebrated in different parts of the country and the final program is being held in Jigjiga city.


Nationalities Day, which is celebrated with various events under the motto "Diversity and Equality for National Unity", has continued to shine with names emphasizing common nationality since November 25, 2016.


What makes this year's National Day special is that it will be celebrated in a special way for the five days from the end of the day, including November 29.


November 25 "Brotherhood Day", November 26 "Diversity Day", November 27 "Solidarity Day", November 28 "Inclusion Day" and November 29 "Ethiopia Day" will be held.


A five-kilometer street race was held yesterday, named as "Brotherhood Day".


On this day, which was named as "Diversity Day", the nationalities showed a fair where they can express their culture, traditions and traditions, and events were also held to define the name of the day.


To celebrate this festival, hotels, places of celebration, receptions, roads and other necessary infrastructures, the residents of the city are ready to welcome our guests.


According to the residents of Jigjiga, the Somali region is speeding up its development by using the peace it gained after the revolution, and the changes that are happening in Jigjiga are a testimony to this.


He said that having the opportunity to celebrate this holiday will help highlight the diversity and interaction of our country and help Ethiopians to know their region.


He added that the events recorded during the celebration are meant to highlight our diversity, confirm our equality and strengthen our unity.


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