The youngest Ethiopian model


Youngest Ethiopian model speaks about her modeling career so far.

Modeling is an art. Modeling is a real career which one can pursue.

From "Bebanya" to Abushaher


As Yitagesu Getenet wrote


#Ethiopia A very interesting discussion was held on the book "Bebaniya" written by Alemahehu Gelagai, organized by Blaten Geta Hrui Art Center and organized by Zagol Book Bank.


On that day, a large number of audience was present and based on the book, he raised various questions and had an interesting discussion with the author.


Thank you all for coming. Next Saturday, August 27, 2015, a professional discussion titled "Ethiopian Chronology, Traditions and Travels" will be held by Mr. Enoch Jared.


The presenter said, "Do you know that September 1, 2016 is the year 2024 in the Ethiopian calendar?" He already sent a question. We invite you all to attend at 8:00 a.m.


Instead of Mr. Enoch Jared


He is an expert on the concept of chronology, which is part of Ethiopia's ancient education. At Addis Ababa University, he completed his master's degree in folklore. He has presented, published and taught research articles in the field at various higher education institutions.


#Don't miss out!

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